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Back Pain Clinic

Back Pain Clinic

Everyone experience PAIN atleast once in their lifetime. “ PAIN “ has a purpose and it subsides once the injured tissue heals. “ Persistent Pain “ even after 3-6 months after the tissue heals, serving no purpose is called CHRONIC PAIN. It could be a nagging backache or a splitting headache or a screaming knee joint that is bothering you.

Pain not only hurts you physically but also disturbs you mentally, snatching away the quality of your life or affecting your ability to concentrate on your work, impair physical activities or even worse disturbs your well deserved sleep.

Life is too precious to be wasted trying to tolerate it and get on with pain as this suffering has been scientifically shown to catastrophise. Now simple and effective treatment is available at affordable cost for long lasting pain relief.

Disc Prolapse / Slipped Disc

Our back bone or the human spine is a beautiful structure – strong enough to bear our weight, protect our spinal cord, keep us erect and also flexible enough to let us bend and rotate. This remarkable strength and manoeuvrability is because of the arrangement of the bones in the spine called vertebrae. The spinal cord, which contains the nerves that come from the brain to different parts of the body, is protected by the spine in the spinal canal. 33 spinal bones or vertebrae are arranged one on top of each other.

Between each of these vertebrae are cushion like structures called discs which act as shock absorbers. Strong ligaments and muscles surrounding the spine keep the bones in position and therefore, the spine remains erect. When the disc present between 2 vertebrae gets injured due to lifting heavy weights, trauma or straining, it could bulge outside, compress the spinal cord /nerves and cause a disease called disc bulge or a disc prolapse. It could also be called slipped disc or disc herniation.